Tutoring . . .

…   in  our  opinion  is   to   help  students   help  themselves.  To  teach  and  guide  them  to  the  point  where  they  become  independent   learners,  and  require  less  professional  tutoring   to  none  at  all.

Knowledge can be learned, but applying it requires thorough thinking. The most important  job  we  have  at  Socrates Tutoring  is  the student’s personal development.  As Greek philosopher Socrates would have put it: “I cannot teach anybody anything, I can only make them think.” Our students learn academic and time management behaviors and habits that will continue to help them be successful students throughout their studies.

A   good  tutor  is  someone who  is  available,  can maintain  a  steady  communication  of quality  with  the  student,  and  is  the  point  of  academic  support.  Not   just  before  tests  and  final exams  but  over  time.  Tutoring  is  a  personal  communication, a  one-on-one connection,  developed  as  the  tutor  understands  the  student’s  rhythm  of  learning,  and  gives  the  student  enough  confidence to both explore and research the subject on their own. Researching is an amazing skill that leads to a deeper knowledge, experience,  and  self  growth.  It can  be  learned  during  the Socrates  teaching  experience and  than  applied  through  life.

When  learning  math,  students  gain  self-confidence  through  time.  It  grows  along  with their  understanding  of  the  course  content  and  its  applications.  Math  IS  NOT  like  any other  subject!  Learning  math  takes  very long time.  From  the  moment   toddler   writes    her/his  first  numeral  throughout  cute  toothless  parroting  of multiplication  tables,  to High School  graduation  and  beyond.