Where do we meet? 

Unless we agree otherwise, our meetings are online with cameras OFF.

How long is each tutoring session?

We  will  start  with  60min/meeting  and  try  to  lower it down  to  at  least  45min/meeting asap; the goal is 15min/meeting.

What’s the price? 

There  are  few  factors  determining  the  price:  the  difficulty  of  the  course,  how  long   until   the  final,  how  behind/ahead   is   the  student,  how  communicative  is  the student, … .  You  will  get  the  EXACT  price/h  for  the  EXACT  course  after  your  first  hour.

What is the price for the first hour? 

For junior high school or younger $35.                                                                                                                For senior high school or older $65.                                                                                                             The first hour is CREDITED if you hire us within a week of taking it.

Can my price/h be less than first hour? 

Yes   when   student   starts   during  the  first  week  of  the  course .

What if child is too young for online tutoring? 

Nowadays, a child  can  not  be  too  young  to  interact  with   the screen.  Quality   of  that interaction  is  the  question here.  Quality interaction  requires very well planned guidance.  Parents/guardians  will  be  coached  how  to  play  an  integral  part  in  the process  until  student  becomes  self-sufficient.

Will my tutoring price increase as the course progresses?

No.  As  long  as  you   do  not  make  a  habit  of  short  notice  cancelations,  and   you  meet  your  minimum  tutoring  time/week,  if  any.

What if I skip meeting my tutor for a week or two?

Depends  on  circumstances  surrounding  the student;  can  be  nothing – all  is  good,  we  just  continue  like  nothing  happened;  can be that  you can  not  get  the  same  $/h  for  the  rest of  the semester.  In  any  case,  the  leftover  time  you  have  with  us,  if  any,  is  still  yours  to  use,  or  to  pass  on  to  someone  else.

Why do I have a different tutoring time/$/week, than my friend from the same class?

Most  likely is that you had different starting  point;  also because  different students need different  help  to  achieve  their  goals .

Can I record our meetings?

Why  not ?   But  also  why  yes ?  You  would   benefit   the  best,   if   you  make   paper notes   and  do   required   exercises   to  master the skill you just understood. By writing , we learn deeper and retain longer.

What happens to my prepaid time that I did not use?

Your  leftover  time  is  still  yours  to  use,  or  to  pass  on  to  someone  else;  up  to  2Y  from the  date  of  the purchase.  Please know that with the new course or new student the new price/h will adjust to the change.

No show for tutoring as scheduled?

If you let us know about it more than 48h in advance, all is good; we just reschedule.

– 24-48h  canceling/rescheduling is 60min. penalty.
– canceling/rescheduling within 24h before the meeting, is 90min. penalty.
– in the case that the second short-notice cancelation happens (less than 24h), the price/h you have for this services, is not valid any more for the current semester.
– no show (without any note/call/txt): 180min prepaid time penalty; plus  you can not be our student any more.