Presale period:                                                                                                                                                       Up  to  one  week  since  the  start  of  the course.

More than one child discount:                                                                                                                      10%, 20%, 30%

Summer  School   ($12 – 20/h if purchased before Easter);   we  create  our  courses  so  that students  will  be  able  to  master  the  course  in  the  school;  6 days  per course.                     Vectors (the meaning, algebra on vectors, scalar and vector product, application).   Physics I ( SI units, measurements, Newton’s laws, motion and friction, applications).   Physics II  (Work and Energy, Pressure, Laws of conservation, applications).                                 PreCalc        (the rate of change, the derivative, the limit, extreme values, asymptotes).  Functions ( the definition, continuity, intervals or increase/decrease, zeroes, extremes).      It is strongly  recommended  to take all 5 courses listed above, BEFORE taking Gr11 or Gr12 math or physics high school course

The  payment  for  the  service  is  not  refundable  but  it  is  transferable.  All  services  are  prepaid.  Pay  as  you  go.  E-transfer  or  PayPal.

The first hour: 

$35 for junior High School or younger; $65 for senior High  School or older; first hour fee will be refunded to you if you hire us within a week since taking it.