For short notice cancellation

  • If you let us know about it more than 48h in advance, all is good; we just reschedule.
  • If you cancel/reschedule less than 24h in advance  (short-notice cancelation), 90min. of your prepaid time will be taken.
  • in the case that the second short-notice cancelation happens,  the price/h that  YOU  have  with  us  for  tutoring,  is  not  valid  any  more.  Your price/h  will  take  our  current  market  value.
  • If you cancel/reschedule 24-48h in advance 60min. will be taken.
  • no show (without any note/call/txt): 180min prepaid time penalty and your price/h is not valid any more. Your price/h will take our current market value.

For non payment

  • If you tell that you will be late no problem; we will wait.
  • we will even work for some time with some students when the time runs out.
  • once the wait gets too much, your price/h will take our current market value.
Our  current   market   tutoring  price/h ,  for  ALL  math/physics  courses,  grows  through   out  the  time.   The  cheapest  is in  pre-sale  and  at  the   start  of  the  course;  the most expensive  is  few  weeks  before  the final  exam. Once  the  student   starts  with   the  certain  price/h, it  is  locked   for  the  duration  of  the  course;  unless  there  are  penalties  listed  above.