How does it work

An internet connection and computer with the mouse or the pen is ALL that is needed. Plus the will to learn and know. ūüôā

No need to download anything.  No  sign up.

If  you  know  how  to  create  your  virtual  classroom,  please  do  so, and  send  us  the  link.  Try BitPaper;  

If you  do not  know yet  how to do it,  please  do  following  2  steps:

Step1: ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†¬†Send us¬† files ¬†with ¬†your course ¬†material (pictures ¬†of ¬†your ¬†math/physics pages); one page one ¬† *.png ¬†file; ¬†we will ¬†need ¬†them ¬†for ¬†your ¬†classroom; ¬†other ¬†formats ¬†are ¬†also ¬†acceptable, ¬†but ¬† .png ¬†are ¬†the ¬†neatest; ¬†your ¬†phone ¬†can ¬†take ¬†.png ¬†pictures; ¬†check ¬†your ¬†settings. ¬†ūüôā

Step2:                 Reply to our email.

Within 24h, you will be offered few time slots to chose from for your first hour.  During that first hour some if not ALL of the math/physics Qs from your pages will be answered, or the way to the solution will be shown.

3-7  days  after our first  virtual  meeting,  you will  receive  an  email  with  our  official  offer  for  just you and your current situation.

Your privacy is very important. We will NEVER share your info. Whatever info you give us is NOT  stored  on  any  digital  device  by  Mrs Zee Socrates or anyone else here at Socrates Tutoring;  we  keep  old  fashioned  paper  records  only;  the  purpose of  all  info  we  ask  is to communicate  with  you  efficiently.  Your  email  will  not  be  placed  on  any  mailing list. If you do receive an email from us, it will be written just for you.