It is different than other subjects. It builds on what students learned last year. Higher the level, bigger the expectations that students remember previous levels.
‘Math makes sense of the world. Math is the vocabulary of your own intuition. We need more patient problem solvers!’ Dan Myer
‘The pure mathematics  is,  in  its  way,  the  poetry  of  logical ideas’  Albert Einstein

Math  is  teaching  logical  thinking  with  the help of  few formulas.  It is  not just  about memorizing  formulas.  Math can be  a play and can  also  be  hard work.  The  mixture  of two  makes  it  perfect.  Math  reasoning  requires  time  to  be grasped  and understood. Once understood,  it needs to be applied  over time,  so that  the student  will  be able to later  recall  it  and use it  as  a  tool  when problem solving.

Everyone learns math by doing math.
Technique to do it better or easier is developed through interaction with the student. Prerequisite knowledge and work habits of a student are setting the path.

The first axiom of neuroscience is ‘use it or lose it’. The brain rises to the challenges that are set before it. Always! However if the brain is not presented with challenges, it does not have an opportunity to rise to.
This  is  what is  happening  today  in schools.  Students  are  not  ‘using  it’,  so  they  are  ‘losing it’:   no math  homework  today;  handing  calculators  to students  who have  just learned numbers and multiplication tables; not focusing on proper math syntax;  being placed into the next level of math when they fail the previous one; accepting the student into academic level while knowing that that particular student will HAVE TO switch levels 5-6 weeks into the semester;  … to name just few.

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