Math and Physics

Math and Physics are courses we specialize in!
Socrates  Tutoring  believes  that  with  proper  guidance  everybody  can  learn  and  understand  Math  and  Physics.  Math  and  Physics  are  sciences  explaining  the  natural  world  around  us  in  a  very  simple language,  using  few  math  symbols  (mathematical  syntax)  and  logic.  As  the  world  around  us  is  complex,  mathematical  models  can  become  complex  too.

Add Physics to the picture and it becomes more complex, so that very few students will even try it, thinking: ‘This is not for me; I have no natural inclination for stuff like that.’ Wrong!  We  all  have  it.  What is missing  is  the right plan, the right  teacher,  the  right curriculum,  the right  institution,  and something or someone,  able  to academically explain  basic  and  complex  concepts  of math.  Even  more  importantly  is  the  necessity  of  someone  to explain  the links between  those  different concepts.

We  all,  more or less,  have  the right  sense for  what  is natural.  We were  simply  born with it.  Like  the  sense  for  what  is  smaller  and  what  is  bigger,  as  a  minimalistic  example.  However,   with  more  complex  ideas,   just  knowing  which  number  is   smaller  and  which  one  is  bigger,  is  not  going  to  help.   Our  natural  abilities  for  math  need  proper     academic   explanation,   in  written  form,   to  nurture  and  grow  our  understanding.  Otherwise  just  comparing  fractions  becomes  an  obstacle.  Not  to  mention  moving  on  to  Pre-Calculus  and  beyond.

Instead of finding a way to academically explain events we all experience every minute of our life, such as gravity, the shortest path to cross busy street, and electricity to name a few, the school chooses to suggest to students a course with lower expectations and lower the bar of success. Even worse, school chooses to place the student in the next level and ignores the failing grade from the previous level.  This is the most common practice in North America  and  has  led  to  achieving  math  successfully  an  individual  problem.  The student  in  question  and  his/her  family  are  left  adrift,  while  the  school  statistics  shows  that  every  student  succeeds.

Add Physics to this and thus the current situation as it is!
As long as you have Wi-Fi, you can get tutored in this 2 subjects in the next 48h, wherever you are! We can help you get better. 

Don’t wait  until  it is  too late.  It is not going  to get  any easier!  Especially  if  it is  just  quick  6-8  weeks  course.  We at  Socrates Tutoring  say  that those  6-8 week courses  are going  ‘Ludicrous Speed’.  ‘Ludicrous Speed’  term  comes  from Spaceballs.
If you plan on following any course at ‘Ludicrous Speed’, you need to start preparing your mind for it beforehand. If you really want to learn it! If not, you might pass, depending on how low your educational institution placed the bar and what will be the statistics about the group of students taking this course along with you.