The Plan

The  first  axiom  of  neuroscience  is:   ‘use  it  or  lose  it’.   The brain  rises  to  the challenges that are set before it.   Always!   However,  if  the  brain  is  not  presented  with  challenges,  it does not have an opportunity to rise to.

Learning  math  on  an  academic level  requires  ‘The Plan’.  Math  needs  a  specific  plan  of  order  including  when  certain  topics/subjects  are  introduced,  how  long  it  continues,  and  how  the  topic/subject  is  delivered  to  the  students.  By  the  end  of  the  first  year  of  high  school,  very  few  students  have  that  path  well  paved.  Once  students  reach  College  or  University  level  studies,  regardless  if  they  came  from  a  private  or  public  school,  they  face  the  same  challenges. 
 When  we  consider  how  mathematical   syntax   is    consistently    avoided    throughout   Primary   and   Middle   Schools,   and   in   which order  math  ideas   were  presented  throughout  years,  by   the   time   students   reach   High  School,   the   natural   logic  their   brains  are  born  with   have  not  been   allowed  to  ‘rise’  to  the  challenges  set  before  it.  Math  has  become  so  hard  and  frustrating,  that  very  few  students  even  try  to  understand  it  after  their  second  year  of  High  School.
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