The  first meeting fee is $95  for Middle School students or younger,  $135 for  High School, College or University.

For some students not yet in high school, there is a possibility for  monthly/weekly option

Our  goal  is  to  keep  the  price  as  low  as possible.

The first meeting fee is NOT your price per hour.   After  our  first  meeting  you  will  get   your   $/h.  Your $/h will be more than reasonable if you contact us  on time. For the same level, $/h when starting in September is not the same as when starting in November.
Our  current   market   tutoring  price/h ,  for  ALL  math/physics  courses,  grows  through   out  the  semester.   The  cheapest  is in  pre-sale, and at  the   start  of  the  course;  the most expensive  is  few  weeks  before  the final  exam. 
Once  the  student   starts  with   the  certain  price/h, it  is  locked   for  the  duration  of  the  course;  unless  the student had no-show .

Your   first   meeting   fee   is   refunded   if  you   hire  us   7- 10   days   since   taking   it. 

Socrates  Tutoring  covers  ALL  Math and  Physics  courses.                                                                
To  tell  the  EXACT  price  for  the  EXACT  student,  for  the  EXACT  course,   we  need  to know:

1. The name of the course (or course code given by the school)
2. The school where the course is being taken
3. The date for the final exam
4. Student’s time zone
5. How many times per week would you like to meet your tutor

All  services  are  prepaid.  Pay  as  you  go.  E-transfer  or  PayPal.  The payment  for  the  service  is  not  refundable  but  it is  transferable.

In   general:  younger  the  student  –  lower  the  price;  sooner  the  final  exam –  bigger   the  price.  It  is  not  the  same  working  with  the   student  throughout  the  course,  or  meeting  the  student  for  the  first  time  few weeks   or  days  before  the  final  exam;  or  working   with the  student  during   only  one   semester,   instead   of   building   rapport   throughout   years.
Understanding and knowing how to apply math takes years.

Once   student  starts   with  certain  price/h,  it  is  locked  for  the  duration  of   the course/semester/school year,  unless  there   are penalties.

Please  note that  some   courses   ARE   4 – 8  weeks   long   ALTOGETHER .  
For such courses, you need to book your time 2-3 months in advance. Also, for such courses students need to start  preparing upfront ; the ones  who want to master the curriculum . Passing the course is another question  altogether.
Socrates   Tutoring   can   help  students  with  both  goals.

We    also   provide   in- house   tutoring;   please ask for more details.