Student  is  ON TIME,  if  and only if we  are  having  the  first  meeting  before student  has  already  failed  one  test.

Presale period gives you up to 40% discount  

Until July 15th for the following school year for BOTH semesters.                  
Students interested ONLY in the second semester will be considered on a case per case
Until January 22nd for Summer School.

More than one child discount:                                                                                                                      10%, 20%, 30%.

The    last    moment    for    monthly/weekly    option    is    Gr6,   or   age   9   if   you   are   homeschooling.

Reserve your price/h and your time slot, for the next educational level:                                 $650 for high school                                                                                                                                            $950 for college/university                                                                                                                                      This fee will be credited to you once tutoring starts.  Please contact for more info.

The  payment  for  the  service  is  not  refundable  but  it  is  transferable.  All  services  are  prepaid.  Pay  as  you  go.  E-transfer  or  PayPal.

The first meeting fee:    $65 for Middle School or younger; $95 for High   School, and $125 for College and University; the first meeting fee will be refunded to you, if you hire us
within a week since taking it.