For short notice cancellation

  • If you let us know more than 48h in advance, we just reschedule – no penalties.
  • If you cancel/reschedule 24-48h in advance,  60min. of your prepaid time will be taken.
  • If you cancel/reschedule 12-24h in advance, 90min. of your prepaid time will be taken.
  • If   you   cancel  or  reschedule   0-12h   in  advance,   or  you are  no  show,  180min.  of  your   prepaid  time   will   be  taken  and   your   price/h   is  not   valid   any   more  for  the   rest  of  the   current  semester.  Unless  you  have   good,   proven  reason  for  no-show  or  for   disconnecting,   you  will  have  to   look   for   another   tutor   for  the  rest  of  the  semester.   If   and   when   this  happens   and   you  still   have   prepaid   time   with   us,   you   will   need  to  use  it  next   semester,  or  transfer  it   to  another   student   by   selling  it  or   passing   it  on  as  a  gift .   In  any case  your   leftover  time  will be  recalculated  for  the  new  course/student   circumstances.

For non payment

  • If you tell that you will be late no problem; we will wait.
  • we will even work for some time with some students when the time runs out.
  • once the wait gets too much, your price/h will take our current market value.

Our  current   market   tutoring  price/h ,  for  ALL  math/physics  courses,  grows  through   out  the  semester.   The  cheapest  is in  pre-sale, and at  the   start  of  the  course;  the most expensive  is  few  weeks  before  the final  exam.
Once  the  student   starts  with   the  certain  price/h, it  is  locked   for  the  duration  of  the  course;  unless  there  are  penalties  listed  above.